Top 10 SMT New Product Stories of 2014

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The past year brought plenty of interesting news items to our readers around the world. As part of our annual industry review, the editors at I-Connect007 have pulled together a list of the top 10 new products from the pages of SMT Online.

At #10, MYDATA Debuts New MY600 Jet Printer: “We’re delighted to introduce this high-performance platform to customers struggling to mount difficult components using classic dispenser technology or screen printers,” says Robert Gothner, senior VP and GM. “The MY600 is up to 10 times faster than a dispenser and, like its predecessor, shoots paste with high precision on the fly–something no one else can achieve.”

At #9, Agilent Introduces E5063A PCB Analyzer: Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the E5063A PCB Analyzer for PCB impedance test in manufacturing. The solution offers technology breakthroughs in accuracy and repeatability and reproducibility (R&R).

At #8, AIM Solder Develops NC520 No Clean Solder Pastes: NC520 is a no clean, halogen-free solder paste designed for the most demanding high-density electronic assemblies. It offers excellent wetting, improved printing, and reduces voiding. The solder’s wetting ability results in bright, smooth, and shiny solder joints. Consistent transfer efficiencies reduce head-in-pillow defects even when component/substrate co-planarity is not optimal.

At #7, Needle Valve From Dymax Offers Dispensing Precision: The Model 400 pneumatic, normally closed needle valve is designed to deliver precise dots or very fine beads of low- to medium-viscosity fluids. Accurate, repeatable dispensing can be achieved by utilizing the valve’s material flow adjustment to control shot volume. The lightweight, wand-style valve body is compact and lightweight, making it easy and comfortable to handle.

At #6, Manncorp Reconfigures, Expands SMT Solutions: The company has recently reconfigured and expanded its exclusive selection of SMT turnkey packages, including stencil printing, pick-and-place, and reflow soldering equipment, to accommodate a wider range of production levels and budgets.

At #5, Panasonic Introduces NPM-D3 to SMT Platform: “The NPM-D3 brings the industry’s first, single-unit camera for alignment, thickness, and coplanarity,” said Mark Ragard, GM, Electronics Assembly Sales. “Beyond 3D multi-recognition, the NPM-D3 offers board warp detection, adaptive process control, and auto board support pin–features that contribute to lean assembly, maximum productivity, and impressive investment protection.”

At #4, EasyBraid Unveils Latest Soldering Iron Handpieces: The SHP-K and SHP-KM soldering iron handpieces can be used in competitive OKI/Metcal soldering systems, designated PS-800, PS-900, MFR-PS1100, or MFR-PS2200. The handpieces allow the use of EasyBraid EK series cartridges (tips) which do not need the heating elements necessary with the OKI/Metcal design, since the EasyBraid cartridges include the heater.

At #3, Indium Introduces New Lead-free Solder Paste: RMA-155 was designed for balanced performance, making it ideal for high-complexity boards with a variety of component sizes, as well as simple assemblies. Compatible with both SnPb and SAC alloys, RMA-155 delivers consistent transfer efficiencies, excellent response-to-pause, and a strong oxidation barrier, even for long and hot profiles.

At #2, BEST Intros Nickel Gold Repair Circuit Frames: BEST Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of nickel gold circuit frames. These circuit frames are sewed to repair pads, traces, and contact fingers.

And at the #1 spot, Universal’s Fuzion Redefines Odd-form Assembly: The new FuzionOF Platform maximizes automation opportunities while lowering assembly costs and delivering consistently high productivity and yields. Building on a 20-year legacy of industry-leading odd-form capabilities, the FuzionOF Platform extends the company’s Fuzion portfolio to address pre- and post-reflow odd-form assembly challenges.

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