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Original Electronic Components is important!


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It’s important to ensure the products quality during the PCBA processing, not only control
the processing process, but also control the components from sourcing, to ensure that the
electronic components are original authentic. Now there are some unscrupulous businessmen
through the purchase of counterfeit brand components on the market, and then sell with high
profits, resulting in some of the PCBA factory damage.So how to ensure the electronic
components are the original?

Electronic Components

To ensure that the electronic components in the PCBA machining process is original, below
are 2 ways to identify them.

1.the qualification of agent

Now,electronic components agents, trade quotient numerous, quality and price level in the
sales maket is uneven, to ensure that the electronic components of the original authentic,
which can through the enterprise’s official website to see whether there is an agent with
qualification, and purchased through formal channels.

Generally, agents have the qualification and controled by the original factory, to ensure
that the source of electronic components is original

2. reputation and credibility

Generally, the distributors and traders are in good reputation and credibility, their
components are not bad. Because an enterprise’s reputation and credibility of the
accumulation is to go through a very long time, accompanied by recognized brand
manufacturers, basically their components are not counterfeit.

Three/incoming inspection of material

In addition to the above two steps, there is a very important step is the incoming
inspection of components.The normal PCBA processing manufacturers to just buy the
components with incoming inspection, sampling components or full inspection, to ensure the
quality of the components.

When sourcing the electronic components, need to be ware of the top mark,the production
batch number, and other related components to beta appearance and physical details, in
order to ensure that the electronic components is the original authentic.

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FPC Prototype, Flex PCB Prototype, Flexible Circuit Prototyping

We Bright PCB Technology has years of producing FPC, with our experienced guys serves hunders of clients who need Flexible Circuit Board. Our products including the Single layer FPC, double sided FPC, and multilayer FPC, moreover, many clients need the FPC assembly, that is most of the SMT factory not familiar with. Fortunately this is our advantage, 80% of our FPC clients chose us to finish the FPC assembly, because we take care of every single detail about the processes of FPCBA.

Single layer FPC is most using in the lighting industry and display industry as a light provider device’s part. We take very care about the feature of these industries, the stableness, long life span, proper conductivity are the main features of the FPC used in lighting and display. A pic of our product below:



FPC prototyping means fast producing, quick test and immediately delivery.

With our professional equipment, we can efficiently do the drilling, PTH, lines, etching, etc. And applied the flying probe machine, fast test is available. FPC prototype in 3 days is abusolutely ok for us, and this service helped our client faster their product exploring.

And self-owned lines of surface treatment helps us to control the quality of OSP, ENIG on the surface of Flexible Circuit Board.

If need FPC prototype including Single layer FPC, Double sided FPC or Multilayer FPC, pls contac us immediatly! Also FPC assembly is available. Know more about the FPC assembly pls view this post: The differences need to know between the FPC assembly and Rigid PCB assembly

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