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We Bright PCB Technology has years of producing FPC, with our experienced guys serves hunders of clients who need Flexible Circuit Board. Our products including the Single layer FPC, double sided FPC, and multilayer FPC, moreover, many clients need the FPC assembly, that is most of the SMT factory not familiar with. Fortunately this is our advantage, 80% of our FPC clients chose us to finish the FPC assembly, because we take care of every single detail about the processes of FPCBA.

Single layer FPC is most using in the lighting industry and display industry as a light provider device’s part. We take very care about the feature of these industries, the stableness, long life span, proper conductivity are the main features of the FPC used in lighting and display. A pic of our product below:



FPC prototyping means fast producing, quick test and immediately delivery.

With our professional equipment, we can efficiently do the drilling, PTH, lines, etching, etc. And applied the flying probe machine, fast test is available. FPC prototype in 3 days is abusolutely ok for us, and this service helped our client faster their product exploring.

And self-owned lines of surface treatment helps us to control the quality of OSP, ENIG on the surface of Flexible Circuit Board.

If need FPC prototype including Single layer FPC, Double sided FPC or Multilayer FPC, pls contac us immediatly! Also FPC assembly is available. Know more about the FPC assembly pls view this post: The differences need to know between the FPC assembly and Rigid PCB assembly

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