Aberdeen Copper Base Circuit Board

What is Copper Base PCB?

What is Copper Base PCB?

Copper Base PCB-Busbar (4)

Copper Base PCB is a kind of Metal Core PCB, and the main core material is Copper Board. So
it was called Copper Base PCB. It’s a higher Conductivity series of PCB to radiat the heat and
can take higher current.

Copper Base PCB can load high Current, which should be used thicker copper foil, the
thickness of the general 35μm~280μm; thermal insulation

Layer is the core of the copper substrate technology, the core thermal conductivity of
aluminium and silica powder composition and epoxy resin filled polymer composition, heat

The resistance is small (0.15), the Viscoelastic property is good, has the ability of resisting
thermal aging, can withstand mechanical and thermal stress. Copper Base plate metal base is

The supporting member of the board is required to have high thermal conductivity, usually a
copper plate, or a copper plate (in which the copper can provide better thermal conductivity)

Suitable for drilling, punching and cutting and other conventional machining.

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