RFQ of PCB Fabrication

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PCB Fabrication is our basic product and services. From the very start of Schematic, layout, you can just send file about your needs, we will do the rest. Then Prototype and low volume fabrication, and the massive production are all available here.


We do the Rigid PCB, FPC(Flex PCB), Rigid-Flex PCB, HDI, Aluminum PCB, Copper base PCB, Ceramic PCB, and HF PCB.

Best send us the Gerber file. Pls note us about specification of your needs as below:



Board Size:



Copper Weight:

Solder Mask Color:

Silk Screen Color:


Surface treatment:



Some tips about cost saving of PCB Design:

1. Use the most applied solder mask color: green

2. Silk screen as White

3. Panelization of your PCB

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