PCB Engineering Question-EQ

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PCB-EQ-Engineering Queation

PCB Engineering Question-EQ

There is always details need to confirm before producing the PCB. To avoid mistakes, cut the cost, DFM(design for manufacturing), EQ is a result of total checking the file and to confirm the final producing file.

Usually may come across these situations.

The Raw file data itself was flawed and exception, data processing while
others are more likely to be found, but when it comes to network
connectivity defect, it is difficult to check it out.

For example:
a normal line break
Process does not match the design requirements with the Gerber
Actual number of aperture, hole, holes drilled document properties with
hole diagram marking inconsistencies
Etched fonts with screen printing characters overlap
In order to optimize production costs and shorten the production cycle
and improve efficiency, enhance the quality of products, works in
accordance with the factory process capability and process, proposals to
modify or adjust the original Design materials.

For example:
canceling two-sided character is changed to single characters
On the PCS added Gong positioning pins
Green oil bridge IC pad to cancel change through Windows ‘ production
Through-hole tapped hole to cover the oil or modified Windows.

This Process is important and necessary, it helps doing the right fabrication.

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