LED Display are using more and more in the Retail industry

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Imagine you are a retailer among a lot of retailers in a crowded mall. There is only one chance to catch a potential customer as they walk by countless stores and make them enter your store over your competitor. The store next to you has a flashing LED sign, and you don’t. That customer walks by, right into your competitor’s store. What have you lost? REVENUE! Less flow, and less sales.

Imagine a solution that can allow you to follow your brand guidelines at every outlet without having to constantly go to that physical location and change out content – no more wasted time changing seasonal advertising. LED solutions designed for the retail industry have a variety of applications to meet the requirements of retail marketers. Retailers have networks of stores, and it is always a hassle to change promotions on static boards. With digital LED signage and displays, you can provide a facility with up to date information on a network of displays with the push of a single button.

How Does the Retail Industry Benefit from LED Display Solutions?

Attractive advertisements attract customers
Informs customers about special promotions internally and externally
Provides directions by using high quality maps
Allows you to push customers movement within the store to high profit margin items.
Schedule special holiday offers on occasions such as Christmas, back to school and summer sales etc.
Creates brand awareness by displaying animated videos and logos
Target advertisements for specifics times throughout the day.
Different Types of Displays
Save money on the paper advertisement

Freestanding displays are a great way to incorporate LED displays into the environment of your store and drive a potential customer in that otherwise may not have entered. Building larger wall-mounted LED screens are another option to attract people to certain locations within your store and to higher profit margin items.

Here are some statistics that can help you better understand the positive effects of LED signage:

64% of business saw an increase in sales after adding LED signage or displays
12% saw an average increase in overall sales
59% saw an increase in overall business transactions
56% saw a profit increase
The most staggering discovery is 54% of customers entered the establishments due to the signage versus 29% due to word of mouth, 11% due to external advertisement and 6% from TV, radio or yellow pages.

As you can see there is a direct correlation between retail stores utilizing LED displays and an increase in overall sales. What is your plan? Here at BrightPCB we can help you come up with a solution, whether that is a traditional or non-traditional solution. Contact us today to see how we can work together! BrightPCB is a China LED display manufacturer, including the LED Display PCB, PCBA, Final Facbrication. Chose us, directly and efficiently.

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