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Vast majority of Heavy Copper PCB for large current substrates, large current substrates the main field of application is in two

fields: power supply module (power module) and automotive electronic components. Its main electronic products, some
identical to conventional PCB, such as portable electronic products, network products, base station equipment. Also different
from the General area of PCB, such as automotive, industrial control, power supply module.

Large current substrates and conventional printed circuit board on the effects vary. General PCB’s initial main function, is used
to form the signal wire (wire). With the development toward the direction of HDI PCB technology, this signal transmission wire
line width is becoming increasingly thin, wire Heavyness (Heavyness of conductive PCB) is becoming increasingly thin, copper
foil Heavyness 35um, thinner 18um 12um 9um and even thinner. Large current through the bearing substrate for power
devices, the main effect is to protect current-carrying capacity and the power supply is steady. Development trends of this
large current substrates are carrying larger currents, thermal requirements issued by the larger device, so by increasing the
current, substrate the Heavyness of copper foil is also Heavyer. Manufacturing, for example, large current substrates 210um
Heavy copper foil is also used to be routine. There should be used instead of cars, robots, power, previously used bus
(Busbar), conductor of harnesses base plate Heavyness has reached 400um-2000um.

Since the advent of Heavy copper printed circuit board, PCB applications into a new industrial product areas: power

Organic resin of Heavy copper PCB has can achieved base board miniaturization, thin type of, multilayer of of advantage, due
to in recent years electric, mixed power car, robot, by with of power power and current controller (DC-DC conversion device)
power switch, motor circuit, fuse device, are more tends to miniaturization, this for Heavy copper PCB alternative original
General used of Ceramic PCB created has opportunities, speed up has pace.

Heavy copper PCB design, advances in manufacturing technology, promote the power circuit (load current) and integration for
the control circuit.
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