Heavy Copper PCB’s definition

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Usually nominal thickness 105um copper foil for PCB and above (including the surface treated electrolytic copper foil and rolled copper foil) are collectively referred to as thick copper foil. Thick copper foil, in the PCB industry and used with copper foil thickness of copper foil manufacturing industry is divided into three varieties, greater than or equal to 105um-204um Heavy Copper PCB, over 300um called extra Heavy Copper PCB, 600um known as Super MAX Heavy Copper PCB.

Heavy copper conventional electrolytic copper foil (or rolled copper foil) performance, as a large current substrates of conductive layers or inner core heat sink metal layer also has a special performance requirements. These special performance requirements to meet the application conditions of products and raw materials, processing conditions, and so on. On the application performance requirements, most notably in the thick copper circuits on the stability of the large current and better disseminated by the load current generated in the base plate of high thermal properties.

Made of thick copper foil and extra thick copper printed circuit boards may be called a thick copper printed circuit boards. Using conductive material (copper) and substrate materials, production technology, applications and General PCB different, therefore it belongs to a special kind of PCB. Thick copper PCB applications, and demand has been rapidly expanding in recent years, has become a popular varieties of PCB has good market prospects.

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