Heavy Copper PCB’s Advantages

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A growing number of power electronics products are taking advantage of an increasing trend in the printed circuit board industry such as heavy copper PCB. Most commercial PCB are manufactured for low-voltage or low power applications with copper traces.

The advantages of heavy copper printed circuit board:

1.Increased endurance to thermal strains.
2.Increased current carrying capacity.
3.Increased mechanical strength at connector sites and in PTH holes.
4.Use of exotic materials to their full potential without circuit failure.
5.Reduced product size by incorporating multiple copper weights on the same layer of circuitry.
6.Heavy copper plated vias carry higher current through the board and help to transfer heat to an external heatsink.
7.On-board heatsinks directly plated onto the board surface using up to copper planes.
8.On-board high-power-density planar transformers.

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