Heavy Copper PCB applies to Auto Industry

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PCB design in the automotive electronics, often carrying power device substrate and
circuit substrate using separate settings. Substrate carrying high power devices is the
use of Ceramic PCB. More in Ceramic PCB circuit wiring for control circuit, in the
production process is more difficult to achieve. Will carry the ceramic substrate of
power devices are replaced by organic resin substrate thick copper PCB, achieve the load
current circuit and control circuit integration.

Thick copper base plate and wire harness to achieve the integration of more and more
applications in the automotive field. This transforming many high current wiring harness
to circuit wiring, control circuit and power circuit in one method in the PCB, reduces
automotive electronic components connected, assembled the cumbersome, improves
reliability, easy to realize miniaturization. ECU also using heavy copper is based on
heavy copper of high reliability, high thermal resistance, high current through the

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